‘It’s essential’: Oklahoma renters facing accusations can now receive free legal help
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‘It’s essential’: Oklahoma renters facing accusations can now receive free legal help

Free legal help is now available to renters facing eviction in the Sooner State. A nonprofit law firm called Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma is focused on working with residents in the 73111 and 73119 zip codes.

The group says they want to show how early representation can help renters in the most vulnerable areas of Oklahoma City.

It made a difference for Bridgette Williams.

“It put my mind at ease almost immediately,” Williams said. “Because I was terrified.”

Last summer, Williams went from having mold all over her apartment to getting sued by her landlord for not paying rent.

“I was an absolute wreck because I was panicked. They were coming at me for money. I’m about to be homeless. It was bad.”

Luckily, Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma helped get her case dismissed free of charge.

“I can’t talk about them enough,” Williams said. “They were really efficient. They really had my back.”

Williams moved out of the 73111 zip code in northeast OKC, which is where renters facing prosecution can now receive legal help from staff attorneys like Greg Beben without having to spend a single dollar.

“We’re a city with very bad eviction rates,” Beben said. “It’s essential for people in this situation to at least have access to counsel, legal information, advice and representation on what their options are, on how to enforce their rights and how to avoid evictions.”

Beben’s nonprofit is also focusing on tenants in zip code number 73119, which is the southwest part of town.

“Those are zip codes where we’re going to be able to make a big impact because we’re going to inform those tenants of their rights leading up to that point.”

Oklahomans don’t live in those areas that can still access services, but Beben says it depends on his nonprofit’s capacity.

“We’re targeting these zip codes, but that’s not diminishing our representation for people outside of those zip codes.”

Oklahoma renters facing eviction are encouraged to call this number for free legal help: 405-554-4636.

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