04 Mar, 2024
2 mins read

DC attorney general set to take action against Commanders owner Dan Snyder, per report

Multiple NFL team owners want Dan Snyder ousted as owner of the Commanders, ESPN recently reported. And it turns out the local government might be on their side. As the US House of Representatives’ Oversight Committee continues its nearly yearlong investigation of the workplace culture under Snyder, the Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia (DC) is planning to take its own action against the embattled businessman, according to The Washington Post.

Karl A. Racine (D)’s office has been conducting its own investigation into Snyder and the Commanders since April, per Mark Maske, Nicki Jhabvala and Liz Clarke. Racine’s team launched said investigation amid allegations of financial impropriety, which were detailed in a letter from the House Oversight committee to the Federal Trade Commission. Now, the AG’s office is “moving full steam ahead” to ensure Snyder, his team and the NFL “will soon face accountability for their actions.”

“Snyder will no longer be able to dodge subpoenas,” an anonymous source told The Post“or avoid testing or answering questions.”

Accused of underreporting ticket sales to reap tax benefits, Snyder is also under fire for alleged sexual misconduct, which he’s vehemently denied. The NFL last summer fined the Commanders $10 million and announced that Snyder had been relegated from day-to-day duties as team owner after concluding in its own investigation that Washington had hosted a “hostile workplace environment” for years under Snyder’s watch. More than 40 former employees had publicly or anonymously made allegations of sexual harassment or discrimination.

Additional allegations against Snyder himself surfaced during a House committee roundtable this February, sparking a second NFL investigation into the matter. That investigation is still ongoing, and some other owners, The Post noted Monday, “believe serious consideration may be given to trying to oust Snyder from the league’s

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