24 Feb, 2024
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Broker oversight, truck speed limiters among 2023 policy action items

The Biden administration began in 2022 by rolling out its National Roadway Safety Strategy, a US Department of Transportation-wide initiative aimed at addressing rising injuries and deaths involving cars and trucks.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration — and Congress — is expected to advance regulatory and legislative policies that either directly or indirectly attempt to tackle the problem.

Truck parking

With Republicans taking control of the House, a divided government will make it more difficult to pass many types of legislation next year. But legislation setting up grants to expand truck parking has gained momentum over the last two congressional sessions and that momentum is expected to continue, particularly after the Senate introduced companion legislation earlier this month.

Truck parking bills, like all bills that didn’t progress in the current Congress, will have to be reintroduced. But truck parking advocates — which includes large and small carriers as well as shippers and other supply chain participants — will be looking to build on recent progress.

Speed ​​limiters

A notice of intent issued this year by FMCSA to propose in 2023 electronic engine devices to set and limit truck speeds have truckers on high alert.

The notice of FMCSA’s intent alone generated more than 15,000 responses, and at least that many is expected once the actual proposal is issued. Most came from independent owner-operators and small trucking companies that are adamantly against it, arguing that the crash safety benefits touted by safety groups are undercut by accidents caused by cars and trucks traveling at different speeds. Large trucking companies and some safety groups, on the other hand, support a 70 mph limit.

Oversight brokers

FMCSA is trying to crack down on illegal brokers by attempting to clarify differences between brokers, bona fide agents and dispatch services through interim guidelines unveiled

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