23 Feb, 2024
2 mins read

‘I Don’t Use TikTok, and I Would Not Advise Anyone to’

  • Deputy AG Lisa Monaco said she does not use TikTok, and would not advise anyone to use the app.
  • Speaking at an event, she said China’s policies make it easy for the government to obtain data from companies.
  • Several US officials have been critical of TikTok, and have threatened to ban access to the app.

US Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said Thursday that she does not use TikTok and “would not advise” anyone to use the app due to security concerns.

Speaking at a panel at London’s Chatham House on Thursday, Monaco said policies that allow China’s government to access data from private companies could put anyone at risk who uses apps owned by Chinese companies, including ByteDance-owned TikTok.

“Its national security law requires any company doing business in China to make its data accessible to the government,” Monaco monaco-delivers-remarks-disruptive-technologies-chatham” data-analytics-module=”body_link”said in prepared remarks for the event. “So, if a company is operating in China and is collecting your data, it’s a good bet that the Chinese government is accessing it.”

She said during the discussion that she believes there is reason to be concerned about the safety of data gathered on apps like TikTok. The massively popular social media app has dethroned others like Instagram in terms of popularity, especially among young users.

That popularity can create valuable data for China to leverage in any number of ways in the future, according to Monaco.

“I don’t use TikTok, and I would not advise anybody to do so because of these concerns,” Monaco said. “The bottom line is that China has been quite clear that they are trying to mold and put

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