23 Feb, 2024
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Florida Divorce Lawyer Russell Knight Discusses the Rules For Common Law Marriages in Naples, Florida

Florida divorce lawyer Russell Knight releases a new article (https://divorceattorneynaplesfl.com/common-law-marriage-in-florida/) explaining the common law marriage rules in Florida. The lawyer mentions that not everyone who was married could register their marriage at the courthouse back in the old days. Most people would only hold a small marriage ceremony and then begin living together. These marriages are commonly known as common-law marriages.

According to the Florida divorce lawyer, “Common-law marriages are marriages that become legal after the couple lives like husband and wife for a long enough period of time. common law marriages no longer exist in Florida the way they once did, but they’re not completely gone.”

Florida divorce lawyer

The lawyer explains that the Florida State Legislature had passed an act that invalidated all common-law marriages that were made after January 1, 1968. This law was adopted in 2016. This law makes all marriages before 1968 valid, even though they may seem unusual these days.

Attorney Russell Knight mentions that common-law marriages in Florida are no longer allowed. Anyone who wants to marry must have a marriage license. The marriage can only be valid in Florida if you have a marriage license.

Attorney Knight explains why it is sometimes difficult to obtain a Florida marriage permit. The law requires that both spouses must be at least 18 years of age. If one spouse is 17 years old, the other spouse shouldn’t be more than 2 years younger. Each spouse must also complete a premarital course.

“If an unmarried couple has a child who has lived in Florida for the last 6 months they have the exact same rights vis-à-vis that child as a married couple. The unmarried couple can and will enter into a parenting plan that will govern their relationship with the child just as a divorcing couple would,”

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