20 May, 2024
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Louisiana Attorney General says the federal government didn’t just censor opinions, but facts

Louisiana Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry says that the federal government did a great disservice to the American people by colluding with Big Tech to censor not just opinions, but facts.

“Let’s talk about the 2020 election,” Landry said on the “Just the News, No Noise” TV show. “The FBI tells all the social media platforms to watch out for Russian disinformation … and interference in our elections. And yet, the New York Post issues a story about the Hunter Biden laptop, which we know today would have absolutely swayed many voters , had they known that it was real.”

“The FBI had the laptop in their possession,” he continued. “They don’t say anything. They allow the social media platforms to shadow ban, to kick people off, to try to do their best to make it look like they debunked the story.”

Earlier this week, a Louisiana federal judge ordered the Biden administration to limit its contact with social media platforms, determining that the government likely violated the First Amendment by working to censor disfavored political viewpoints online.

“This could be the most important First Amendment case in our modern times,” Landry said in response to the ruling. “I think the judge did an unbelievable job of laying out in a 154 page opinion as to why we are liable to prevailwhy we are most likely to prevailin proving that the government violated American citizens’ First Amendment rights.”

The Biden administration announced Wednesday that it plans to appeal the decision.

“Doesn’t the federal government have the responsibility to tell the American citizens the truth, since they want to be the ministers of truth?” Landry asked. “Where was the truth in not letting us know that the Biden laptop was a real thing?”

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