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Rachael Rollins gives herself a ‘B’ on her first year as US Attorney

Rachael Rollins has served as US Attorney for Massachusetts for one year, a job she took vowing to combat hate and increase equity across the justice system.

speaking on Greater BostonRollins gave herself a “B” on her first year.

“It’s been a little bumpy,” she said. “I have work to improve but I’m very happy with what we’ve done.”

Rollins said the bureaucracy of federal government means lack of urgency, whereas she was able to work quicker in her former role as Suffolk County District Attorney. “I want to move on things.”

Rollins stressed that the issue is not specific to the Biden administration, but rather to how the government functions as a whole.

“I think it’s the frustration many people feel with the government,” she said. “For certain communities that I took this job to help — they don’t need four months of affirmations and compliances. … They need to know their federal government cares enough to show up, even if we say nothing. And that is what I was able to do as [District Attorney] and what I really want this office to be as US Attorney.”

Rollins also spoke on a number of other topics with Jim Braude, including a research into anti-Semitism, her office’s ongoing investigation into the Worcester Police Department, whether Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis may have broken laws when he shipped 49 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard and a Justice Department investigation into some of his own recent actions.

Watch: US Attorney Rachael Rollins expresses frustration with lack of urgency in government

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