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‘Communication is key’ for this award-winning broker

Duliban Insurance Brokers puts so much emphasis on its communication aspect, and that is why it has been recognized as one of Insurance Business Canada’s 5-Star Brokerages – Ontario 2022. If there is any doubt about the success of this brokerage, one only needs to look at the many awards IBC has conferred upon Duliban over the past years, which include Top Insurance Employers 2021, Top Insurance Workplaces 2019 and 2020, Top Brokerages 2019, and 5-Star Brokerages 2021.

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According to Adam Duliban, principal broker, Duliban hired its first data analyst in 2018, which allowed the broker to go through a detailed segmentation project of its customer base.

“The core objective of this project was to focus on how we can communicate more effectively and predictively model service trends with our valued customers,” said Duliban. “In addition to improvements we have made in servicing, we have gained significant knowledge and confidence in applying these learnings to attract and market to specific individuals without a geographical barrier.”

Duliban also mentioned that the business focuses on the use of data to predict customer trends, enabling it to communicate with them accordingly.

“We also attempt to be adaptive to the needs of our customers and utilize various forms of technology to aid us in providing a personalized customer experience,” the principal broker said. “We invite our customers to provide necessary feedback, and make the decision on how and when they want to be communicated, and what type of experiences they would prefer and anticipate. We believe our customer dictates and decides how we operate as an organization.”

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