Clear Insurance recognized for commitment to “accelerating women”
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Clear Insurance recognized for commitment to “accelerating women”

Lisa Carter, award-winning founder and managing director of Clear, highlighted that the brokerage has a talented all-female crew of nine committed to making complex and hard-to-place risk and easy insurance for business leaders.

“Together, we have over 100 years of corporate insurance and claims management expertise,” she said.

Clear Insurance’s commitment to women’s empowerment

Thirteen years ago, Carter took a leap of faith and left the corporate arena to launch Clear as a solopreneur with a clear vision – to provide client-centric risk and insurance advice and help other women in the industry build successful careers while balancing family life.

“Many, like me, came into the industry through an administrative role at a brokerage or because they know someone in the industry,” Carter said. “I joined the industry at 17, working as a receptionist and account assistant at a brokerage before moving to a large international brokerage.

“Today, there are no clear pathways into or within the insurance brokering industry, making it difficult to attract school leavers and graduates to the industry.”

After moving to a fee-for-service remuneration model, Clear attracts clients seeking professional risk and insurance advice.

“Our business model enables us to use our risk and insurance expertise in several ways. Firstly, we tailor our advice to support the client’s business goals and safeguard business stability. And secondly, we mentor new and experienced advisers to build the next generation of professional risk and insurance advisers,” Carter said.

How Clear Insurance helps women build their careers

Carter said Clear is structured to provide roles that suit employees’ industry experience and qualifications.

“Staff can progress from a Clear assistant to a fully qualified Clear adviser or sub-authorized representative of the Clear Insurance brand. The team is at different stages, from parents returning to the industry to experienced advisers looking for greater autonomy and flexibility. They’re each achieving career goals they never thought possible,” she said.

“When women have access to the mentoring they need to succeed, it can make an extraordinary difference to their career success.”

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