Citizens from local communities in 12 Municipalities in North Macedonia informed on the use of Free Legal Aid services
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Citizens from local communities in 12 Municipalities in North Macedonia informed on the use of Free Legal Aid services

Municipality of Vinica – Municipality of Kocani – Municipality of Stip – Municipality of Shuto Orizari – Municipality of Dojran – Municipality of Bitola – Municipality of Prilep – Municipality of Kumanovo – Municipality of Tetovo – in Municipality of Delcevo – Municipality of Ohrid – Municipality of Struga

In order to inform local communicates in North Macedonia on the use and the access to the Free Legal Aid (FLA) services, awareness raising events were organized in twelve municipalities during July and August. The action team and experts in the field visited Municipality of Vinica, Municipality of Kocani, Municipality of Stip, Municipality of Shuto Orizari, Municipality of Dojran, Municipality of Bitola, Municipality of Prilep, Municipality of Kumanovo, Municipality of Tetovo, Municipality of Delcevo, Municipality of Ohrid, and Municipality of Struga, reached many citizens and informed them about the Law on Free Legal Aid and how to use it, sharing and providing key information and expertise.

During the meetings, the citizens had the opportunity to ask questions and hear from the Council of Europe consultants with extensive experience in providing Free Legal Aid. The events were part of the awareness raising campaign for FLA, organized in the framework of the European Union and Council of Europe joint action “Supporting enhanced access to higher quality Free Legal Aid services in North Macedonia”, in close co-operation with the Ministry of Justice of North Macedonia and the members of the National Co-ordination Body for Free Legal Aid: Ministry of Justice Regional Offices, Civil Society Organizations and Legal Clinics authorized for providing Free Legal Aid.

The informational activities organized in 12 Municipalities in North Macedonia, will enhance the FLA knowledge among local communities but also legal professionals, and thus support broader accessibility and use of these legal services, with a special focus on vulnerable groups such as on women and children.

The FLA campaign, implemented as of 2021 in North Macedonia, is aiming at promoting these services as an important, available, and functional mechanism in place, dedicated to providing free legal protection to the citizens and most importantly, contributing to the process of ensuring equal access to legal aid for those who cannot afford it.

This activity is organized under the joint European Union and the Council of Europe program “Horizontal Facility for Western Balkans and Turkey 2019 – 2022”, a co-operation initiative to assist Beneficiaries in the Western Balkans and Turkey to comply with the European standards.

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