10 Types of Great Prospects You Can Find All Around You
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10 Types of Great Prospects You Can Find All Around You

Insurance agents have a major advantage over financial advisors. Most financial advisors are looking for prospects who have assembled a substantial nest egg. You often hear “$250,000 minimum” mentioned. In our town, one financial advisory firm has lettering on its front window that includes “Starting at one million dollars.”

Insurance agents do not have the same prerequisites. They might also carry investment products and they can work with clients who can buy coverage and build wealth through their monthly cash flow.

Isn’t that a down market? Isn’t everyone going upmarket today? Years ago, The Economist magazine ran the obituary for Kemmons Wilson, who started the Holiday Inn chain. When asked by friends why he was not opening luxury hotels for wealthy people, but setting up “motor lodges” for regular families on driving vacations, he said something like, “The good lord made more of them.”

Let’s get back to insurance agents and building businesses. Insurance agents know they have many products at their fingertips. There are people with needs all around them. It’s time to identify people with needs and see if you can help them.

Check out the gallery for 10 types of people who are all around you that can benefit from your help.

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